promoting local music scene – This PowerPoint was compiled by my group as part of our pre-production presentation. The majority of my group’s pre-production is included in this PowerPoint. It includes contributions from myself and the rest of my group. I will also post my personal contributions separately so that it is clear what my parts are:

Contingency Plan.png

Roles in the group – This is a more brief summary of each of our roles within the group, including mine, as well as information on interviewing techniques to help with our television and radio interviews.

We conducted both primary and secondary research to contribute to our own research.

Radio Script for Silence From The Fallen – This is the script we created for the radio interview with Silence from the Fallen. We created it to make sure we would be more prepared for the interview, as well as helping us keep to the strict time frame we were given for the Radio interview (2 minuets)

Band interview script – This is the final script for the Television interview with Silence from the Fallen. A copy of this script will be given to all of my group members as well as each of the band members so that everyone has a chance to go over the questions and have a chance to prepare.