Term 3: Skills

Three skills that I have learnt over the past two terms:

  1. Editing skillsbefore joining this course I didn’t have any editing experience, whether that be editing a film or radio piece. This course allowed me to use Adobe software like InDesign and Premier Pro. Although it took me some time to get the hang of the different, complex software’s, I am now able to produce work of a much higher, if not near professional standard. This skills has been essential in almost every project or piece of work I have done this year and will continue to help me complete my work to a higher standard.
  2. Radio Skills – previous to joining this course I didn’t know much about the radio industry like how audio is recorded or types of microphones and how they work. Throughout these past two terms I have learnt how to record audio and edit it into a radio piece. I have also learnt about different microphone and which microphone is best to use in different situations. I also learnt about microphone pic up patterns and which is best depending on what you’re trying to record.
  3. Evaluating – During these past two terms I have learnt how to properly evaluate my work. These skills have allowed me to examine how I can improve each piece of work by determining what mistakes I might have made and how I can prevent these mistakes in future work.


Three things that I have improved on over the past two terms:

  1. Photography skills – although I have taken courses involving photography before over the course of this year I have expanded on my knowledge immensely. I learnt about different types of shots and angles and which to use in depending on what you are trying to capture in the image or film. I have relied on these kills and his knowledge repeatedly throughout the year and has helped me produce work of a higher standard.
  2. Being on camera – Although I am confident with my speaking and people skills and I am comfortable presenting in front of a class, I was not used to being on camera. Over the course of these past two terms I have become more confident being on camera myself and not just remaining behind the scenes. This has helped me throughout the year when I was required to interview someone on camera or be interviewed myself. It has also helped to improve my speaking and people skills and will be of help in m FMP as I plan to create a film in which I feature and interview people.
  3. Writing skills Although I am very confident in my writing skills as I am very articulate and have a wide vocabulary, This course has allowed me to develop my skills even more. As this course evolves a lot of journalism, over the course of the past two term I have learnt how to present my work depending on what I am writing. (for example: newspaper article, magazine article, online/website article) I have also learnt how to convey my point in a more concise manner, as previously it would take me some time to get to my point, I am now able to express what I am trying to say much more efficiently. I have utilised these skills constantly throughout the year as, we have had to complete lots of pre-production and post-production work for all of our work and projects, both of these involves lots of writing. This is a skill that will n0o doubt continue to help me with my work throughout this course and any work I do in the future.


The piece of work I am most proud of is my ‘Continuity Edits’ project. I worked in a group with 3 of my classmates to produce a ‘how to’ style video in which we chose explain how to make an origami fortune teller. Most of our classmate chose to do hair plaiting tutorials or videos of a similar nature, we wanted to make a more detailed ‘how to video’ and that is why we chose to make the origami fortune tellers. The main part of this project was to utilise a technique called continuity edits, this involved using one camera to shoot the same scene from multiple different angles. The three angles we chose where a top shot, also none as a birds – eye view, a medium shot and a shot angled from the right. I was the member of the group in charge of the camera and filming, and although due to the technique it ended up taking a long time to film, I still enjoyed doing it. Although we worked in a group we all had to make our own edits. I am very proud of my edit of the footage and I have linked it below. Although it took a long time to edit as there was a lot of complicated footage to sort through, I enjoyed editing together all the different angles into one video. This project really allowed me to improve on multiple skills, including my filming and editing skills and techniques. I have continued to utilise these skills throughout other projects including my FMP.


I believe that my writing has been my strongest skills while being on the course. I have always enjoyed writing as I am articulate and have a strong vocabulary. My writing and print skills have only improved during this course as we have had to do lots of writing especially during pre and post production stages of projects. I also enjoy found that throughout this course I have enjoy editing, specifically editing videos, although it can be quite complicated and I still need to improve, I am much more confident with my editing skills now than I was at the beginning of the year, as prior to this course I hadn’t had any experience with editing film. I also found that I have enjoyed being behind that camera, filming. I have had some experience filming in the past but since joining this course my filming skills have greatly improved. I am now better able to handle and use all the different equipment.

I think something that I need to improve upon is being on camera. Although I am confident with my speaking and people skills, I don’t have very much experience being on camera and have found myself slightly struggling with it. I have also found it difficult juggling being on camera and monitoring the equipment at the same time.

Over the break I have been exploring different ideas for my ‘Final Major Project’ as well as practicing different skills. I have been making further improvements to my writing by creating ‘practice news articles’. I have spoken to my tutor in the past a she has assured me that my writing is my strongest skill and that it would be wise to pursue creating something print based for my FMP. Creating these articles has also further made me realise that I would possibly like to pursue print based journalism as a career. All of the skills that I have learnt and improved upon throughout this year will greatly help me with my FMP as well as improve my chances for future employment, not just in the media industry but in any job I wish to pursue. I have also created another WordPress website which I use to explore more on the topic of multimedia. This other website allows me to practice different multimedia techniques, this helps me to improve on my college work and will contribute to helping me with my FMP.