For my Final Major project I have decided to go with my initial idea and do an exposé on Fly-Tipping. I chose this topic as I feel like it is the best fit with the type of work I want to produce. I am drawn to it as it is a more serious topic which would allow me to take a more serious approach and pander to a more mature audience which would differ from most of the work we have done so far this year. This is also a topic that is close to home as I have had first hand experience with Fly-Tipping while living in the countryside. This topic is important to me and I would like to shine a light on how bad it has become in recent years.

I want to conduct a formal interview with a local land owner and get their personal opinion and insight on Topic. I could also conduct less formal ‘Vox-Pop’ style interviews like we have conducted many time throughout this year. I am quite confident in my interviewing skills and very confident in my writing skill which would both be useful for this project.

I have decided that despite the fact that it will be a lot of work to take on I would like to produce both a documentary/news report style video and a newspaper article. I feel as though I can only emphasise the seriousness of the situation by doing both. I would also be able to display all of my skills, as well as utilising what I have learnt this year to create both a video and print article.

I will be conducting extensive research into Fly-Tipping in Kent and the UK and determine whether or not the number of reported Fly-Tipping cases have increased. I will be conducting secondary research by looking into cases of Fly-Tipping in Kent, I will be looking a online articles as well as magazine and newspaper articles. I will also be looking at news reports and video clips about Fly-Tipping.

I will be making a news report/documentary style video by using a camera and microphone to interview people regarding their thoughts and feeling regarding the issue, this will also be a way to gather primary research. I will be conducting a few brief ‘Vox-Pop’ style interviews with people to gather more information and get peoples thought on the subject as well as a more formal interview with a local land owner to get a unique perspective from someone who experiences rubbish dumping regularly. I will also use cameras from college as well as my own cameras and IPad to record footage of the local countryside and local fly tipping sites. I will also be using the information I gather from these interviews and my secondary research to produce my newspaper style article.   I will be using ‘Adobe Premier Pro’ to edit my footage into a news report style video and I will use Microsoft word to draft my article and ‘Adobe InDesign’ to create the final newspaper magazine article.

My research has helped a great deal in developing my ideas for my project. The videos I gathered from the internet have helped me to understand what fly tipping is like on a larger scale, knowledge that I can now reflect In my work. The other videos that feature people fly tipping will also contribute to my project as I can feature them as a compilation along with my own footage of fly tipping sites in my final FMP video. This will be good for combining both Primary and Secondary research in my video.

I was also able to find videos of news reports that I would like to emulated with my own video. I would like my video to be of a high quality and professional standard. This is why I looked at news reports specifically by the BBC as their news channels are watched every day all over the country. I also chose BBC videos as they have ‘South East’ specific news which relates to my project as I am aiming my video specifically at those who live In Kent.

I also researched many online news articles on the subject of fly tipping, like before one of my main sources is the BBC, however I did look at several other news sites as well. My inspiration for my print piece came from a website called ‘Country Life’. I chose this article for what I want to base my own work of off because County Life is a popular rural magazine in Kent, which fits in perfectly with the demographic I am aiming my work at. As well as being a magazine Country Life also have a website which they also post news articles to. It was on this website that I found the article that inspired me, I like the article as it featured clear and concise facts and figures that were very informative but not boring. The article also featured pictures of fly tipping sites, which in part inspired me to take my own Photos of Fly Tipping sites.

I conducted primary research and I gathered footage and photographs from various Fly Tipping sites in the Kingsdown area of Kent. This acted as a way for me to practice filming while I was gathering information and evidence to use in both my video and Print piece. I was also able to see for my self how bad the fly tipping situation is in my area which only gave me further incentive to raise awareness about the issue.

I also conducted a survey to gather people’s thoughts and opinions on the subject, and also ascertain what they would like to be done about Fly Tipping in the future as this particular question appears heavily in my project. The answers I gathered from this questionnaire allowed me to develop and decide on the best questions to ask in my formal interview and Vox Pop interview in order to gather the most information.

My mind map also helped me to develop my ideas further a decide what I wanted to do with my FMP.

I also conducted research into the type of (background) music that I wanted to feature in my final FMP video. During my research I decided that I wanted to utilise multiple styles of music. During more serious parts of the video, like when it features the footage I took of fly tipping sites, I wanted the music to reflect the seriousness of the issue and sound more sad/serious. I was able to find a song the perfectly fit what I was looking for during my research as I mentioned in a previous slide. However I wanted to also feature more up-beat and happy music in my video as I didn’t want the overall tone of the video to be completely dark and depressive. So during my research I was able to find music with a happy theme, I want to utilise this style of music during the main part of my video which will be my formal interview with Mr Pemberton.

I conducted research into the specific demographics I should be aiming my work towards, I had already decided to aim my work at a more mature audience but after researching demographics of people who are interested in similar and related issues to fly tipping I could develop my work to appeal to my target audience.

During my research I also practiced the skills that I would require during my final major project. I looked over previous video, audio and print work that I have done through this year and evaluated the pieces and how I could make improvements when creating my final piece(s). I also further practiced my print work by not only including articles that I had already written but by also produced a number of new article. This was to make sure I was prepared when it came to creating my FMP print article.

I also conducted Vox Pop interviews and a formal style interview in order to gather both footage to use with my FMP video and information that I could use in both my video and print piece.

In conclusion all the research I conducted has helped me immensely in completing my FMP, conducting the research and compiling it did take a great deal of time and I did find it difficult to complete it all within the time frame I had to complete my FMP within. However my research overall has helped me a great deal when It came to the overall product, It also served to broaden my understanding of Fly-Tipping as an issue and further inspire me to raise awareness for the topic.

As I progressed with this project I found myself beginning to struggle with the amount of work I had set for myself. I did the majority of this project from home due to unforeseeable circumstances, which meant I was left to do it by myself with no help from my peers and less access to guidance from my tutors. Although my tutor Alma has been very supportive and helpful throughout my the creation of my FMP.

Editing my final video piece took a great deal of time, especially because I kept encountering technical difficulties along the way however I persevered and continued on with my editing. I found that while editing certain footage I was finding it difficult to match us the audio and sound correctly and in some clips, peoples voices are out of sync with their mouths. However I tried to the best of my abilities to correct this however there are still some slight irregularities that I was unable to rectify in the final edit due to the time restraints I had for my FMP. Also I am still new to using editing software like this as this is my first year using it. I am hoping that the editing skills I have learnt this year and the strengths and weaknesses in my editing of this project will help me to develop my skills for the future, whether that be with further media projects, personal use or even in a future career. The software I was using to edit my video is called Adobe Premiere Pro. I didn’t find any issues with my formal interview as Mr Pemberton was a perfect interviewee. His answers to my questions were clear and informative which allowed me to ask more questions that built off of his answers. I learnt a great deal from my interview with him, not just about fly tipping but also about interviewing in general. I think the experience has definitely helped to develop my interviewing skills which will be extremely important if I wish to peruse a career in journalism, something Mr Pemberton and many others suggested I do through the course of this project.

Another issue I found was with my Vox Pop interviews. In the interview with my mother the video was clear and the audio was being picked up by the microphone very well but due to the fact that I was filming outside this meant the microphone also picked up on the strong wind that picked up towards the end of the interview. However I have learnt from this and in the future if I can avoid I will not film outside, especially if the weather will cause disruptions to my footage. In my second Vox Pop interview I had a problem with the lighting, my interviewee insisted in sitting in front of a window so the light that was coming through drastically effected the quality of the footage. I tried to fix this during editing but making post production edits to the footage’s lighting but I didn’t improve it very much and the footage ended up not matching the tone of the rest of the video. So to remove this problem I just used the audio from the recording and edited it to play over the top of some footage I had recorded at some local fly tipping sites. From this footage I learnt not to film directly in front of a window where lots of natural is coming through, I now won’t make this mistake again when recording future footage.

Another issue I didn’t notice until I was editing my video was that some of the footage I had filmed at some local fly tipping sites that surround the area in which I live are quite fast and somewhat shaky. It was my intention to film smooth, clear footage but in my hurry to get it recorded in time I must have rushed it and moved to fast. However this is not the case with all the footage and I was able to slow down the fast footage during the editing process so that it matched the rest. From this I learnt that in the future I need to take more care when filming and make sure that the footage I am recording is clear, steady and in focus.

Considering the time limit I had to produce this work in I am very proud of my final video piece. I was able to show off the many skills and techniques that I have learnt throughout this year and this course. I wanted my final video to seem like a real professional news report and considering that the video that inspired me to lay out mine the way I did was made by the BBC, I thought it only fitting to present my video like it was a BBC news report itself. I enjoyed utilising the BBC news intros and outros to make my video appear all the more authentic.

I am also pleased with my final print piece for my FMP, which I ended up making into an online news article instead of a magazine or newspaper article like I had originally intended. The reason I made this change was in part because I was short on time and I began to realise I may have set myself too much work to accomplish and I would have taken me longer to utilise the editing software (Adobe InDesign) required to create a newspaper/magazine style piece than it would to create an online style article on my WordPress. This way I could also make the piece more multimedia by link my video piece to my print piece and also including links to other articles and information sources on the topic of fly tipping.

In conclusion I am happy with the work I have done and I have done it all to the best of my abilities. In the future I plan to set myself clearer targets to help me to be more effective in completing my work on time. I also plan on assessing how much work I set for myself in the future so as to not drown in an ever expanding workload. I could not have completed this project without the knowledge, skills and techniques that I have learnt this year while studying as part of this course. Because of this I was able to better my understanding of the media industry and raise awareness for a topic I feel very strongly about.