Introduction to my project:

For my Final Major Product (FMP) I will be doing an exposé on ‘fly-tipping’ in Kent and how extreme the problem is becoming. I would like to shine a light on this ever escalating issue, by utilising the skills I have learnt throughout this year to achieve a high quality result that is both informative and expresses my media skills. To achieve this goal I plan on creating a video that incorporates some of the skills I have learnt throughout the year. I would like my video to include a compilation of brief interviews with the general public regarding their personal thoughts on fly-tipping and if/how it has effected them. As well as general public interviews I plan on also including an interview with a local land owner; in a more formal interview setting, asking them how fly tipping on their land had effected them.

I also plan on asking people what they would like to be done regarding fly tipping and how they would like it to be dealt with by local authorities.

As well as the video in the style of a news report I also plan on creating a news article either in the style of a newspaper/magazine article or a website news article.

Synopsis for the video: Throughout this short documentary piece we will uncover the depths of the Fly-Tipping epidemic sweeping through our Kentish countryside. Join us as we uncover the truth behind these atrocities during our interviews with local land owners and residence regarding their experiences and the detrimental effect that it has on us and The world in which we live.


Target Audience:

My target audience is specifically people who live in the countryside of Kent. I am targeting people in Kent as my project focuses on my local area and the damage being caused to it. I am also targeting people who live in the countryside as my project specifically focuses on this issue within the countryside. This is due to the fact that I live in the countryside and in my own experiences fly tipping in my local area can be quite extreme.

I am not targeting a specific gender as my project applies to people of all genders, although statistics show that this issue may appeal more to men. And although I am not targeting a specific age range per say, I am aiming my video and article towards an audience over the age of 18. due to this being a more mature topic it would be more interesting and appealing to a more mature audience. This is also supported by the statistics as they show that this topic appeals more to adults specifically in the 55+ age range. I am hoping that I can appeal to a slightly younger audience by making my video and article interesting, informative and exciting.

I was able to utilise primary research in deciding on the best target audience for my project by asking 37 people (between the ages of 16 and 90) about fly tipping as part of my questionnaire. When I asked them about their thoughts and opinions about fly tipping I found that the issue only seemed to appeal to those who were over 18, and it was those 25 and older whom had very strong feelings regarding the topic. This supports my idea to aim my project at an adult audience (18+)



Kent ‘Fly-Tipping’ Epidemic (Ideas Presentation)

Project Proposal Form



My extremely extensive research can be found here:

In this research I utilise In depth Primary and Secondary research as well as quantitative and qualitative research.


Production Outcome and Conclusion:

As I progressed with this project I found myself beginning to struggle with the amount of work I had set for myself. I did the majority of this project from home due to unforeseeable circumstances, which meant I was left to do it by myself with no help from my peers and less access to guidance from my tutors. Although my tutor Alma has been very supportive and helpful throughout my the creation of my FMP.

Editing my final video piece took a great deal of time, especially because I kept encountering technical difficulties along the way however I persevered and continued on with my editing. I found that while editing certain footage I was finding it difficult to match us the audio and sound correctly and in some clips, peoples voices are out of sync with their mouths. However I tried to the best of my abilities to correct this however there are still some slight irregularities that I was unable to rectify in the final edit due to the time restraints I had for my FMP. Also I am still new to using editing software like this as this is my first year using it. I am hoping that the editing skills I have learnt this year and the strengths and weaknesses in my editing of this project will help me to develop my skills for the future, whether that be with further media projects, personal use or even in a future career. The software I was using to edit my video is called Adobe Premiere Pro. I didn’t find any issues with my formal interview as Mr Pemberton was a perfect interviewee. His answers to my questions were clear and informative which allowed me to ask more questions that built off of his answers. I learnt a great deal from my interview with him, not just about fly tipping but also about interviewing in general. I think the experience has definitely helped to develop my interviewing skills which will be extremely important if I wish to peruse a career in journalism, something Mr Pemberton and many others suggested I do through the course of this project.

Another issue I found was with my Vox Pop interviews. In the interview with my mother the video was clear and the audio was being picked up by the microphone very well but due to the fact that I was filming outside this meant the microphone also picked up on the strong wind that picked up towards the end of the interview. However I have learnt from this and in the future if I can avoid I will not film outside, especially if the weather will cause disruptions to my footage. In my second Vox Pop interview I had a problem with the lighting, my interviewee insisted in sitting in front of a window so the light that was coming through drastically effected the quality of the footage. I tried to fix this during editing but making post production edits to the footage’s lighting but I didn’t improve it very much and the footage ended up not matching the tone of the rest of the video. So to remove this problem I just used the audio from the recording and edited it to play over the top of some footage I had recorded at some local fly tipping sites. From this footage I learnt not to film directly in front of a window where lots of natural is coming through, I now won’t make this mistake again when recording future footage.

Another issue I didn’t notice until I was editing my video was that some of the footage I had filmed at some local fly tipping sites that surround the area in which I live are quite fast and somewhat shaky. It was my intention to film smooth, clear footage but in my hurry to get it recorded in time I must have rushed it and moved to fast. However this is not the case with all the footage and I was able to slow down the fast footage during the editing process so that it matched the rest. From this I learnt that in the future I need to take more care when filming and make sure that the footage I am recording is clear, steady and in focus.

Considering the time limit I had to produce this work in I am very proud of my final video piece. I was able to show off the many skills and techniques that I have learnt throughout this year and this course. I wanted my final video to seem like a real professional news report and considering that the video that inspired me to lay out mine the way I did was made by the BBC, I thought it only fitting to present my video like it was a BBC news report itself. I enjoyed utilising the BBC news intros and outros to make my video appear all the more authentic.

I am also pleased with my final print piece for my FMP, which I ended up making into an online news article instead of a magazine or newspaper article like I had originally intended. The reason I made this change was in part because I was short on time and I began to realise I may have set myself too much work to accomplish and I would have taken me longer to utilise the editing software (Adobe InDesign) required to create a newspaper/magazine style piece than it would to create an online style article on my WordPress. This way I could also make the piece more multimedia by link my video piece to my print piece and also including links to other articles and information sources on the topic of fly tipping.

In conclusion I am happy with the work I have done and I have done it all to the best of my abilities. In the future I plan to set myself clearer targets to help me to be more effective in completing my work on time. I also plan on assessing how much work I set for myself in the future so as to not drown in an ever expanding workload. I could not have completed this project without the knowledge, skills and techniques that I have learnt this year while studying as part of this course. Because of this I was able to better my understanding of the media industry and raise awareness for a topic I feel very strongly about.

Evidence of Print and Video Piece: