Objective: To create an interactive online storybook, following the adventures of two puppies.

S – To create a series of illustrated slides, depicting the adventures of two puppies, in the form of an interactive online game with multiple choices and routes that the reader/ player can follow. However due to time restrictions I will only be fully illustrating one of the routes.

M – When I’ve completed one of my games routes.

A – I aim to complete one of the multiple routes that takes place within the game. Although I would like to complete all route, due to the time restraints I would be unable to illustrate all of the slides by the deadline. But by completing one of the routes I can accurately and concisely show what I want to convey with my game.

R – Yes, my idea is relevant to the project objective because the story I wish to create will include multiple choices that the reader can play through as well as moral decisions and various learning opportunities.

T – I aim to have the project completed and handed in by 7th December.