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Existing CVs that I think are effective:

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I chose the CVs shown above as my examples because they are clean and organised but not too over the top. Although they are more creative than your average CV they aren’t over saturated with too much going on in the image. They keep to simple colour schemes and clear, easily readable font, and due to the use of typographical hierarchy an order of importance is established within each CV. By using different colours in different areas of the image it grabs the readers attentions and draws our gaze to specific areas such as the colourful graphs and skills charts in each image.

Each of my examples keeps to a similar grid like format, this allows the creators to clearly and concisely lay of all the important information into separate sections without over crowding the image. This way the creator can also highlight what areas of the grid they want to draw more attention to by allocating more space to that section, or having the written element of that section be in a different colour, bold or italics.

Overall each CV is well structured and has been carefully laid out as well as is easy to read and understand, while still being eye catching to the reader.

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5 CV Examples that will influences my own work

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I chose these examples as the inspiration for my final CV because each of them as an elegant and professional feel. I don’t want to go over the top with final CV and want to keep it as simple as possible without it ending up looking boring or dull. Previous CVs that I have made in the past have been too long, extending over two pages and saturated with excessive amounts of text. I hope that by following the examples of these images that I can keep all the relevant and necessary information to one page.

My favourite example is the pink CV with the name Mary Hloomcraft at the top. I like the way the CV is laid out as its clear and simple and not excessive when it comes to images or colour. Its grid like format allows the information to be read easily which would be an issue if the text were in one large block. The large title over each section allows the reader to clearly distinguish what information is where. Instead of pink I would prefer to use purple in my final CV, as the colour purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power and ambition. The colour purple can also represent wisdom, creativity and wealth.

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CV Creation

I have started working on my Final CV, using information from my pre-existing CV which I had already had evaluated during a previous course at the college. Using the creative examples I had collected I was able to format the information in not only a clearer but also a more eye catching way. I decided to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create my CV as it is a software that I have access to at home, I am also comfortable using it and have found that I get excellent results when using this software. I am able to achieve the results that I want with my Final CV using PowerPoint as apposed to an Adobe software which I don’t have access to at home and would take me longer to complete.

CV Creation

Completed CV

I have completed my updated CV and added it to this post.

Completed CV

I found that I struggled to fit all the information that I initially wanted to include into the format I had decided on, as I had to edit what information I included in the final product as well as font size to fit it all in. I didn’t want my work to look cramped so I had to spend a great deal of time editing what was relevant and what was not.

I drew inspiration for the CVs I had researched and decided to follow a grid like format to keep my work looking neat and professional. I didn’t want to flood my work with pictures and clipart because I didn’t want it to seems messy and I wanted the readers to be able to focus on one area of the piece at a time and not have them not know where to look. I decided to use the colour purple to accentuate my piece for the same reasons I had expressed earlier in this post. I also find purple in certain shades to be a fairly neutral colour as it is not too bright and overpowering as well as not to dark or dull. I chose to include a skills chart in my CV as it was something I have seem in nearly all of the examples and templates I had researched. I decided to use stars to represent important skills and I coloured them yellow because I wanted it to contrast with the purple theme of the rest of the piece and be an eye-catching area that draws the readers attention. I used a simple font (Calibri) as I wanted it to be easy for people to read and understand. I decided that instead of writing ‘telephone number’ and ’email address’ that I would use symbols instead to conserve space. Another way I did this was by only including my Post Code next to the home address symbol, my address is quite long and it would have taken up a great deal of space making my work look cramped and messy. I feel that switching for words to symbols was a creative solution to this problem.

I feel I have achieved my goals of creating a professional and formal looking creative CV, I showed my final product to my peers and received positive feedback. I am aware though that I will need to re-evaluated this CV in the future when I add more information to it, such as updating references and work experience. I may have to rearranging how I currently have it set out to accommodate more information as it may not fit in with how I have currently arranged everything. I am also pleased to say that this CV helped me to get a job.