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Understand progression routes and related application progress:

1.1: Critically evaluate my own  strengths and ambitions to support own development and meet identified goals

During my time studying at Canterbury College I have acquired and developed various skills that will help me when progressing onto university or any future job prospects. Throughout this course I have greatly improved my writing skills by learning how to format my writing in a more concise manner in order to get my point across more efficiently instead of rambling on without getting anywhere, an issue that I have struggled with in the past. I have also learnt how to work better in a team as well as working better independently, I have also learnt how to construct an informative and interesting CV. All of the skills I have acquired or improved upon during this course have helped prepare me for my future whether that be at university or in a career.

My completed creative CV highlighting my attributes and skills:

Completed CV

1.2: Use my knowledge and understanding of progression routes to make applications within creative media production, higher education or other employment

Using my CV I was able to successfully apply to a job that will allow me to further develop my skills and acquire valuable work experience that will help me with a future long term career. Although I will be taking the next year off from higher education I plan on applying to university next year. I will be able to reference this job in my personal statement and refer to the skills and experiences I acquired while working there.

Picture 1

When applying for the job I first sent an email with my cover letter highlighting my skills and discussing why I wanted and would be suited for the job, I also attached a copy of the creative CV I completed while on the course. I then phoned the business and informed them of my email and let them know who I was as I wanted to make a good first impression.

I was then contacted and Invited in for a formal interview with the owner and her restaurant’s manager. After the interview I was contacted via email and was offered a position at the establishment which I accepted.

Picture 6

2.1: Critically evaluate a range of communication skills and knowledge required to make application to progression routes within creative media production

When applying for a job or for university it is highly important that you include all relevant information, so listening, reading , and writing skills are greatly important if you want to succeed. This is because if you miss something out or fail to include any important information, that could result in you missing out on important or interesting opportunities.

Throughout this course I have greatly developed my writing skills during each of my creative projects and by carefully reading each of the projects briefs I was able to understand what information I needed to include and what was unnecessary. I was also able to develop my listening and communication skills while working in teams for various tasks throughout this year as well as during interviews that I have conducted as research for my various projects.

Not only will the skills I have learnt and developed this year allow my to be better suited for a job in creative media as well as when I apply to attend university but they will also help me when completing my final major project this year. I have learnt how to use many relevant computer softwares this year such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, all of which I can use to help me with my FMP and with my future career or university.

2.2: Use a range of communication skills and knowledge to make applications for future study or work

As evidenced above I have successfully used this skills I have acquired during this course to apply for a job, I also plan on using this same skills and experiences to apply to university next year. The above communication skills and knowledge have helped me in constructing my CV, cover letter, and how I present and handle my self during a formal interview. This skills will also help me when applying to jobs in the future and help me with my long term career goals.